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nexTouch Cylindrical Lock | Touch Keypad


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• Condition - New
• Wireless Capable with additional module ( Z Wave - Sold Separately)
• Satin Chrome Finish
• Choice of capacitive touchscreen or tactile pushbutton keypad
• Keyless entry and management
• PIN code access
• Modular technology
• Voice-guided programming in 3 languages
• Three (3) volume modes
• Privacy feature with Door Position Switch
• Weather resistant gasket seal
• Low battery indicator
• 9V battery power backup feature
• ‍Optional passage mode
• ‍Hardwire power capable
• Keypad lockout feature

• Touchscreen responds to human touch, enabling convenient entrance or access to programming
menu Pushbutton keypad option also available for more tactile requirements, such as ADA
• Reduces complexity of key system management
• Installations are able to be programmed with up to 500 unique PIN codes and a master
codes for access to programming
• Allows for upgrade to more advanced security technologies with Data-on-Card and ZigBee/Z-Wave
capabilities as requirements change and grow
• Voice-guided prompts make updates straightforward and effortless in English, Spanish or
• Playback can be set for normal, low or silent
• By holding the interior lock button down for 1.5 seconds, the exterior keypad is
temporarily disable ensuring complete privacy and no additional entry
Lock is operational even in outdoor settings, in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 140°F
(-40°C to 60°C) at 95% relative humidity
• Blinking designation signals internal 4 AA alkaline batteries are low
• With the touch of a 9V battery to the designated area on the front of the lock, your nexTouch
can be powered up for one-time entry
• PIN codes can be used to enable passage mode, allowing for continuous entry for non-restricted traffic
• Can be powered externally using remote 9VDC power supply and plug-in wall transformer
• Deters Tampering by disabling the keypad for a default of 180 seconds after five (5) successive failed

Need Some Help? Call (888) 519-5943 and Speak to an Expert

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